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Why Choose Us

Why choose Global Aware International as your partner in critical systems and intelligent facilities management software

Our Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Our company fully understands our clients individual needs to create a platform that is designed to control your risks and processes within your buildings focusing on the most critical areas of information and reporting.

Our products are unique in their wide applicability for a broad range of systems and infrastructure. No other software partner offers a software package like Global Aware International. Our business security software is commercially tailored to both large blue chip corporations and small and medium enterprises.

Our software is designed to make sure that all areas of building management and security are covered in one front-end platform that provides all management processes and mapping in a single, unique package.

The system provides a real time event management programme resulting in escalation and process flow which can immediately be followed quickly and correctly.

It provides a real time analysis and auditing tool which assists in the decision making process with precise and actual information for informed decisions.

The system is already installed in a number of iconic and high rise commercial buildings internationally.



A company with the drive and passion to deliver unique, intelligent software solutions and provide outstanding customer care. A trusted and innovative Partner striving to expand our business ethos across the world.



Global Aware International is a market leader in critical systems software and building management. These systems are already installed in a number of the most iconic buildings across the world. The company uses state of the art software solutions to enable optimum building management and ensures real time auditing of processes and procedures. Our unique data analysis and incident management solutions provide clients with simple task management solutions through to critical incident and crisis management. This software can be tailored to meet your company’s risk profile and objectives.

The system scope includes an unlimited coverage of business risk areas such as Business Continuity Planning, Fire and Evacuation, Disaster Recovery, with an incorporated primary alert system and SMART escalation procedures. The analytics and audits functions are designed to assess your business efficiency and compliance to the Company’s policies which ensures that your staff, your customers and your brand are fully protected 24/7.