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Who we are

Bringing together the best minds under one roof

A little history…

Established in 2004 the company has enjoyed meteoric growth due to the development of innovative, industry leading-edge products combined with the vision to understand the customer’s needs.

The insight to creating these ‘must have’ products originates from the partners of GAI who all previously operated in the Risk and Policing sectors so giving them an acute understanding of global terrorism and security both in domestic and international environments. Specific areas of expertise includes Maritime, Aviation, Territorial/Public Order, Special Events, Tactical Firearms, Risk, Diplomatic and Royalty Protection and Intelligence in Commercial, Government and Royal Premises.

GAI initially established itself in the Banking and Finance sectors where its product range was quickly identified as the No. 1 solution within high security environments where the terrorist threat was a critical issue. The services offered were aimed at very high end clients with major threat needs across their wide estates and borders.

Products such as Merlin Protect 24/7 are now the products of choice in some of the world’s most iconic hi-rise commercial buildings. Our client base operates in many sectors including Media, Financial Services, High Security Environments such as Data Centres and other Critical National Infrastructure facilities.

Our core team

    David Evans

    Founder and CEO


      Robin Rumsam FCA

      Group Chief Financial Officer


        Martin Hayns

        Group Chief Operating Officer


          Sian Hasler

          Group Head of Special Projects


            Les Williams MBA

            Senior Project & Training Manager 


              Brent Young

              Chief Technical Officer


                Richard Trussler

                Group Head of IT


                International Partners



                  Colin Tankard

                  Managing Partner (Europe)


                    Danyetta Fleming Magana

                    Managing Partner (USA)


                      John Shonubi

                      Managing Partner (Africa)