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Merlin Training Support

Bespoke Training, Online Tutorials and Virtual WebEx or Video conferencing are all part of the services.

Merlin provides an online tutorial function that has been developed to mirror your live Merlin Protect 24/7 system, making it perfect for refresher training. The tutorial function is accessible via its own web address and looks 100% the same as the live platform and is in place so that practice/desktop exercises can be run.

Additionally first class training can be delivered on a personal basis or to a group within a workplace, class room, control room or through video conferencing.

We are truly passionate about providing the best training to our customers and supporting all their requirements at all levels.

System Specifications

Global Aware International’s Merlin solutions are supported by a great majority of web browsers as specified below and run on iPad and other mobile devices to provide greater flexibility to your teams.

  • Desktop
  • IE 8,9 and10
  • Chrome: 15-27
  • Safari: 5.1 – 7.0
  • Firefox: 14-22
  • Mobile: iOS 4 & 5 (Safari & Chrome)

TravAware runs on the latest iPhone, Blackberry, Android and iPad models.

Set-up and Technical Support

The Company will set up the server(s) as per the specifications as agreed.

You will not pay any additional cost for our basic technical support to ensure your trouble free access to the virtual server. Support is readily available for our customers and can be accessed via helpdesk or direct approach.

Our standard response to technical support enquiries, is to issue an automated ticket that our team will then work on and review. We will assign highest priority to customer issues related to access issues in respect of servers.

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To maintain optimal performance and security of the server(s), we will carry out periodical maintenance which on occasions may necessitate some down time. We therefore reserve one hour of server time per month for maintenance purposes which will not be included in server uptime calculations. The maintenance is typically performed during off-peak hours and with a minimum of 48 hours notification except in circumstances where immediate action may be necessary.

Network Availability

The Company endeavours to have your server(s) responding to network pings and for remote access (either by SSH, Terminal Services or other means) 100% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance. Downtime is not included in server uptime calculations where this is caused by any factors beyond our control, including problems on the domestic and international backbones or your portion of the network and denial of service or similar attacks directed at our servers and/or network..

Virtual Hosted Server(s) Availability

The Company will provide at least 99.5% availability of your virtual hosted server(s). Server availability is defined as the ability to retrieve a successful response from probes on core hardware node services responsible for managing the server environment.


Data Integrity / Backup / Retention

The Company employs sophisticated RAID techniques to ensure the integrity of the data on our servers. The data is written to two or more disks simultaneously to prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure. The Company performs routine server image backups for disaster recovery purposes only. Server backup scope and scheduling is for full backups to be taken every night and copied to a separate data centre in the UK.

Social networking internet and cyber security concept