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Global Aware International Group Partner Programme

Becoming a partner of the Global Aware International Group is an opportunity for your business.

There are exciting partnering programs available in certain parts of the world, which can be ‘white labelled’ in various formats and arrangements.

Global Aware International has secured strategic partnerships with the key industry leaders to provide even greater flexibility in delivering crucial communication solutions. Our partner relationships ensure our broad global reach, and help us capitalize on all kinds of current and innovative technologies.

In every industry, our partners provide an wide network of expert solutions in operations, process and technology. Global Aware International is committed to working hand-in-hand with these partners in the field of sales and marketing to bring higher value to our joint customers.

Partnership options include:

  • Referral
  • Reseller
  • Distribution
  • OEM
  • Technology and Alliance

Global Aware International offers an extensive suite of API’s and configurable integration solutions to help our partners to integrate with our platform easily. Our Open API’s two-way capabilities help third-party systems to create efficient closed-loop integrations with our platform.

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