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Global Aware International is renowned for its international resources of expertise in consultancy.

Our consultants have the benefit of access to the latest international risk analysis from the Global Aware Research Team. This is a unique feature that allows a truly robust and innovative approach to supplement traditional values and approaches in consultancy.

Our services include:
Cyber Consultancy and Training
Corporate Security Consulting
Full intelligence consultancy
Terrorist Financing
Risk Audit
Business Continuity
Asset Investigations
Pre Occupation Audit/Survey
Due Diligence
Supplier Vetting
Fraud Investigation
Special Project & Investigations
Crisis Management
Money Laundering
Emergency Action Plans
Crisis Response
Operating Procedures
Business analytics
Vendor Screening
Pre Employment
Intelligence Advisory Portal
Litigation Support
Business Intelligence & Investigations
Brand Protection
Political & Security Risk Analysis
Crime Auditing
Risk Management

Global Aware Consultancy