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Client Testimonials
Our client base operate in multiple sectors including Financial Services, Media, High Security Environments such as Data Centres and other Critical National Infrastructure. Our clients are blue chip Fortune 500 companies with International real estate in over 50 countries, the scope of the real estate includes iconic high rise commercial buildings with multi tenanted offices.
Client Testimonials

As a leading financial services group, and the pre-eminent Asia-based investment bank with worldwide reach and an international network in over 30 countries.
Merlin was originally installed because of its capabilities to manage security related critical incidents, it quickly became apparent that the system was capable of allowing us to manage incidents of any scale or any type and in any location across the global estate.
Additional features such as Business Continuity Planning and Health & Safety Management were added to the system within a few months of deploying it.
The versatility and ability to add key features is also why we utilise the system. We have incorporated the TravAware product which monitors our staff whilst traveling to verify their safety at all times and in the event of an emergency. Global Aware appreciate our most important asset is our people, the app is extremely easy to download and is managed and monitored by Global Aware.
Additionally while the system has offered the significant benefits as indicated above, the daily task management process allowed us to redefine our resource levels and introduce efficiency savings meaning the system has offered commercial opportunities.
The system has made a major difference to the way we manage our estate and protect our assets minimising our risk and maximising our efficiency.


Head of Security

Top Investment Bank

We have engaged with Global Aware International for the last eight years on a commercial basis for numerous services.
We have used the Merlin Incident Management Platform for the last three years in our central London GHQ control room for our CRE, which was customised to our specific requirements, protocols and process. The user feedback is very positive at every level throughout the business from the control room though to management and organisation.
We are very specific in our requirements and the GA team has excelled in understanding and implementing our requirements in terms of consultancy, support and quality assurance.
GA also maintains close client contact and quality assurance at every level in the business, and provide regular innovation updates which are both relevant and valuable to our organisation.
They are a high quality provider of services, in particular the Merlin product which I would recommend without hesitation


Head of Security

One of the most respected firms of international accountants

I have enjoyed a commercial relationship with Global Aware International (GAI) for the last 9 years, and long will it continue given the current performance of their software, and moreover the diligence in their work, and professionalism throughout the management team.
We use the Merlin Central Control Room software platform which is a well-known product with an excellent reputation. Selecting the product was an easy choice for Aon, and given how user-friendly the software is, the impact it has had on my security team, and the results it is delivering for our business, we are currently in discussions with GAI for the potential of global roll out within the next couple of years.
The innovation provided by GAI is continual, well received, and the support is both impressive and timely.
Recommending both the product and GAI is one of the easiest things to type, as I am very comfortable with the product, service and professional relationship with our partner.


Regional Head of Corporate Protection Services EMEA

Leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services

As the global No 1 Law firm with offices in 38 countries we were keen to underpin and enhance our business resilience with technology. Our requirement was specific in terms of risk, and process. We also required a software platform that would provide a simple functionality, yet intelligent approach to both analytics and real time information across the organisation. Merlin has delivered beyond our expectations, and I have found Global Aware International to be highly professional, passionate, and very supportive. The quality of the consultancy, IT support, training and client care is outstanding.
The team brings valuable innovation to us on a regular basis for review and are always more than capable of developing our individual business demands whilst remaining flexible and adaptive.
Having known GA for the last 7 years, I have no hesitation in recommending both the Merlin product and the organization.


Security Manager

No. 1 Law Firm Global Top 30 Chambers 2015

As a fast paced, dynamic entertainment company with a worldwide remit, the business moves quickly and so do our security risks. We needed a simple, easy to use system to bring together our security processes in a way that made life better for everyone and to do this we turned to Global Aware International.
After consultation with David and his team we chose the Merlin system. This allows us to combine our asset and control information into one place making it easy to access and interpret by people from all over the organisation. Working with David and his partners we are also in the process of rolling out Insight, an icon in which we can place all of our risk and compliance information.
This unified system will be highly beneficial to us in many ways, our security teams will have all the asset, risk and control information in one place which is easily accessible either from our network or online.
Key stakeholders and risk owners can at any time review the status of their assets and the effectiveness of the controls that are in place. More useful still will be when we are able to feed crime intelligence and environmental risk Information into the system making our colleagues aware of horizon risks, allowing them to ensure their controls are appropriate, allowing us to stay ahead of the game.
We are able to bring together process detail and create and manage workflows making sure we get it right first time every time, this is of course highly efficient but also means people don’t have to worry so much and can get on with ensuring our customers get the best from us.
Merlin is linked to our own internal systems to ensure we can move and populate as much information as possible, making sure the users have the best possible experience of the system without having to fill in the same details over and over again. We’ve been demanding, we believe in better that’s in our DNA. David’s team were great and were able to quickly adjust to working with us in a highly collaborative way, I think it’s this relationship which will continue to drive the product forwards.
Are we finished yet? No of course not, next well be rolling out the system to our friends in HR, Legal and Business Continuity, bringing the risk community together, making life better.


Head of Physical Security

Europe’s leading entertainment company

We have worked with Global Aware International since 2010 and entered into the strategic partnership to widen our offering in intelligent building software. The Merlin platform has enabled us to offer our clients and people a superior way of streamlining security processes. The system provides a uniformed approach to dealing with emergencies and incidents, with the primary focus on preventing them from turning into crises, as well as a centralised incident management database that links actions, tasks, occurrences, and incident reports for real-time management information. The system has now been developed into a Business Intelligence System, which applies and has been implemented into some of our key accounts on an International basis, in central control room environments.
Clients have very specific requests, with regards to process, integration and modules where Global Aware continually demonstrate innovation and the consultancy support to develop these requests with excellent results.
Additionally, IT support and network are outstanding. Our partnership has given us a unique position in the security market.


Managing Director

Top three security companies


Merlin has provided my department a consistent and intelligent approach. It provides salient, accurate, timely and compliant information that is clearly auditable, and is now at the core of our security & resilience operation. It ranges in capability to planning, daily tasks and gap analysis, enabling designated staff to monitor and control our organisation – the perfect resilience tool. 
The client care and innovation Global Aware provide is first class.


Account Director

Central Government Department