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Merlin Protect 24/7 is chosen by two separate international law firms for Business Intelligence, Mass Communications, Social Media Scanning, Incident Management, Merlin App Guard patrols. Merlin is GDPR compliant and continues to be widely adopted in multiple sectors globally.

Merlin Protect 24/7 Mass Comms WIN Team London Bridge bid that includes 900 businesses on the South Bank with 5000 users which will lie at the heart of intelligence and real time responses in Central London. Complimented by the Merlin App for all stakeholders across the estate.

Without exception, Global Aware has had all of its  contracts renewed in the last 12 months across multiple sectors.

David Evans our CEO ‘  Our bespoke systems lie at the heart of our clients risk based resilience, whatever the elements that reside within those systems which may be mass comms, workplace violence programs, loss prevention, guard patrols, travel risk or CBRN protocols. As important is the continuing efficiencies, innovation, client engagement, value and quality assurance that we provide. All of these would explain our retention success.

Growing with pace in all sectors we have already surpassed our yearly expectations for this year which is an exciting place to be.’

A long standing client has ordered significant upgrades for Global Awares Crisis Management Intelligence Portal , Workplace Violence system that includes marauding attacker and insider threat modelling.

David Evans our CEO said ‘Our very astute client understands only too well the risk and threat landscape they face on an international basis. Utilising our Programs in Merlin Protect 24/7 will provide them with resilience and a higher comfort level moving forward. A client since 2009, it also demonstrates the innovation, support and excellent working  relationship that GA provides.’


Merlin 24/7 is implemented in an iconic multi tenanted London location, with cross platform functionality. The key drivers for this project was an  “all risks approach” to insider threats, terrorist risk and also encompass low and high risk profiling. The client was keen to apply Merlins state of the art communications tool and utilise the merlin mobile. Once again the platform demonstrates the flexibility and innovation that is available.

April 2017

David Evans our CEO welcomes Richard Bingley as the Managing Partner in ASIA region for Global Aware.

David said ‘ I am delighted to announce that Richard has joined us moving forward with our continued growth, innovation and initiative globally. Those will identify Richard as former CEO of CSARN, Director at Bucks University and other high profile roles with International remit. We have worked together in other areas such as India and the US, and this appointment will be an exciting move forward for the business. Richard will focus on Merlin Protect 24/7, Merlin Patrol App, Travaware, Training and Consultancy in the region’.


Large retailer rolls out Merlin Protect 24/7 and Merlin App to 1800 sites. This prestigious  contract has also included industry changing innovation and development in the retail sector.


One of the world’s largest Law Firms awards Global Aware the control room function via Merlin Protect 24/7 and the Merlin mobile App which will transform their requirements moving forward utilising Global Aware Technology to support them, and also make efficiencies across the business.


International Media Giant expands its enterprise Merlin Protect 24/7 footprint to its entire Corporate Real Estate Portfolio which will provide a consistent approach and real time alerts and business intelligence required to support compliance and resilience across the business.




December 2016

David Evans our CEO said’ This year has seen the largest growth in our history. We have broadened our horizons and built and expanded our sector footprints to great effect. In particular our programmes in Cyber Convergence, Insider Threat, Workplace Violence, Cross Platform FM, together with multiple integrations are very well received. These programmes are greatly enhanced by our Merlin Patrol app. Income in the US is now on a par with that of the UK, which demonstrates the appeal Global Aware and its applications Internationally. With active systems currently in 77 countries the number will grow in Q1 to 80+.


Global Aware’s inhouse Operations and IT Team which is led by Martin Hayns (Chief Operating Officer) and Sian Hasler (Head of Special Projects)  continues to provide service excellence, using their experience and expertise  in support of our clients, and delivering a seamless service in the planning and implementation of our numerous platforms on an International scale.


GA continues to bring innovation and real vision to the marketplace that assists organisations with resilience and planning for the future. This is an exciting time and we look forward very much to 2017’

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